WEM’s World First GPS Trimble Earthworks 825K Compactor

SITECH Solutions joined WEM on-site to explore the GPS Trimble Earthworks system installed on the 825K Compactor, one of the first in the world for a machine of this type.

“As a surveyor myself, I definitely know the hardship of putting hundreds of pegs a day out on site,” says Rhys Geerligs, Lead Sales – Survey & Software, SITECH Solutions.

“Now it's nearly non-existent to put a peg in, which just increases efficiency for the machine.  The machine can come onsite and do the job straight away, there’s not waiting time.”

WEM Trimble Earthworks Compactor

Rhys Geerligs, Lead Sales – Survey & Software, SITECH Solutions

Anthony Mercieca, Project Surveyor at WEM couldn’t agree more.

“Operators are finding it a lot simpler to get in the cab, understand the design they’re using, get that on their screen, and get working quicker,” he says.

“At WEM, that's everything - that's delivering as promised, keeping our production rates up and keeping things moving.

“Trimble Earthworks technology is giving operators a 3D perspective of the job. Instead of just getting numbers and levels on the screen they've instantly got more power in the cab to make wiser decisions to increase productivity and also give them greater confidence as well.”

Anthony Mercieca, Project Surveyor, WEM

SITECH Solutions and WEM have developed a very strong partnership over the past decade.

In that time, WEM has grown from a medium sized company with limited technology to the large, market leader that they are today, with construction technology ingrained in their daily business.

“Ten years ago, WEM would perhaps use machine control every now and then,” says Rhys, “whereas today, construction technology is fitted onto every machine, used every day. It’s essential to the business.”

Being one of the biggest leaders in NSW using Trimble construction systems means that WEM have every possible means of connectivity - from the office to the field to the surveyors to the engineers so that all are able to work collectively together to produce the right design, on time and efficiently.

The Trimble Earthworks system that is currently installed in WEM’s 825 compactor called the ‘triple view’.

“Every screen is touch sensitive with a pinch zoom,” explains Rhys.

“You can pan just with a single finger. You can also change the view by swiping across to get a bigger view of what you want. The design loaded in the background shows exactly where the machine is on the current site.

“One other handy feature is the Help Menu allowing the operator to quickly access information about any areas on the system that they want to learn or forget how to use. It's all right there in front of them.

The Trimble Earthworks system cleverly has a cable running to every element of the set up.

“If there is an issue, the operator can quickly identify exactly where the issue is coming from,” says Rhys.

“The operator can then give SITECH Solutions’ Support Team a call for example, and say “We're having an issue with this particular sensor”, we know exactly which one it is, and can come out straight away, fix it and get them up and running again as soon as possible.

“It’s very easy to customise the screen simply by pushing and holding any feature on the screen.  You push and hold, the menu will come up and you just select what you want to see and don’t want to see and press done.

It’s so easy to customise what you want to see and don’t want to see.”

"SITECH Solutions’ and WEM’s goals are very closely aligned, I think that’s just why it works,” says Rhys.

“SITECH Solutions empowers WEM to reach their goals, to reach their values of delivering on time and efficiently. And I encourage everyone else to catch up.”

Anthony concurs. “Here at Western Earthmoving we're always pushing the boundaries, always investing to get better and SITECH helps us deliver those goals.  That's why we're leading the game.”