You face any number of challenges in marine construction. Tidal height variations, currents, distance from land and a work area that you can't always see. Your ability to position a structure, vessel or dredge head can be compromised by everything from water depth to working at night or in foggy conditions. Whether its port construction or offshore oil a Trimble system can provide you with the tools to position you for success.

Trimble offers a range of high-precision centimeter level (RTK) positioning as well as sub-meter (DGPS) positioning solutions which can be integrated with other marine sensors, the HYDROpro™ Construction and the Terramodel® HDMS to create application specific marine systems.

RTK - The RTK Advantage provides centimeter horizontal and vertical positioning accuracies. Using RTK requires a source of satellite corrections such as an RTK base station. A Trimble RTK system can replace a radio tide gauge for real-time tide and heave measurement, and a survey grade Gyro compass for precision heading. Trimble RTK positioning sensors include:

Location RTK - Marine applications such as dredging require a precise vertical measurement for accurate volumes but don't need the same precision for the position. The SPS651 and SPS461 Modular receivers have this Precise Vertical capability offering RTK affordability for marine applications.

Trimble RTK positioning sensors include:

  • The Trimble® SPS461 Modular GPS Heading Receiver
  • The Trimble® SPS551 Modular GPS Receiver
  • The Trimble® SPS551H Add On Heading Receiver
  • The Trimble® SPS651 Modular GPS Receiver
  • The Trimble® SPS751 and SPS851 Modular GPS Receivers

In addition to using RTK GPS for high accuracy marine construction applications, Trimble also offers the Trimble SPS730 and SPS930 Universal Total Stations. These total stations provide advantages over GPS solutions in some applications. These include near shore or inland waterways where short-range positioning applications in areas where 3D centimeter level real-time positions are required and GPS signals are difficult to receive. Examples include rivers and canals, near tree canopy, in canal tunnels, and near or under large structures such as bridges, harbor walls, or ships.

  • DGPS - Provides sub-meter horizontal position accuracies. DGPS requires a source of satellite corrections such as IALA Beacon, EGNOS, WAAS, proprietary SBAS or DGPS base station transmissions. A Trimble DGPS receiver can be combined with a dredge head depth sensor and radio tide gauge for dredging systems. Sub meter positioning sensors from Trimble include:
    • The Trimble® SPS361 DGPS/Beacon Heading Receiver
    • The Trimble® SPS351 DGPS/Beacon Receiver
    • The Trimble® SPS551 Modular GPS Receiver
    • The Trimble® SPS551H Add On GPS Receiver

Trimble marine construction solutions address the following applications:

Structure placement

Positioning caissons, bridge sections or other pre-fabricated structures to today's tolerances in waterways or offshore can be a difficult task. Your ability to accurately position the structure can be compromised by water currents or having to work at night to allow for tides. The need for real time guidance with centimeter accuracy and to a predefined heading can be met with a Trimble RTK system. Real time guidance displays help to reduce operator error that might otherwise compromise the integrity of the structure.

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No matter what your dredging project, avoid the costly mistake of over or under dredging - thanks to Trimble dredging solutions. Highly accurate dredging can be difficult, because seabeds and riverbeds are obscured from view. Trimble solves your problem with accurate remote positioning you can trust.

Integrate your entire onboard navigation system with Trimble. You get a 3D position of the dredge head, which is then displayed with the channel design. So you can see exactly how much earth you're moving even under water. Dredge with confidence using Trimble dredging solutions.

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Piling & Jetty construction

Driving piles into a riverbed or seabed requires great accuracy in a harsh environment. Trimble utilizes RTK GPS, heading sensors and specialized integrated software to create positioning solutions-designed specifically for marine construction.

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Rig positioning

Towing and positioning drilling and production rigs in a marine environment is extremely difficult. Your ability to position the structure can be compromised by everything from sea conditions to working at night or in the fog. The need for sub meter accuracy and precise heading alignment in this often harsh offshore environment provides a further challenge.

A major part of the rig move process is the communication with anchor handling vessels to ensure that anchors are moved and laid correctly. Trimble simplifies these complex processes, creating solutions that offer accurate positioning and present data in easy to interpret displays.

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HYDROproTM Construction is a software package for marine and waterway construction tasks that require precise positioning. It encompasses all of the hydrographic features offered in HYDROpro Navigation, plus multiple flavours for specific marine construction applications, namely Rig, Pile, and Dredge.

The Rig flavour is for rig and barge positioning. Displays such as the bullseye assist precise positioning to a target. It can track any number of support vessels and report their anchor or dump status. Pile is used for precise marine pile positioning applications for bridge and wharf construction. With Dredge you can dredge (or fill) to a design shape by tracking the dredge head over a design shape.

The HYDROpro Remote software option can be used with HYDROpro Construction as a simplified system onboard anchor handling tugs or dump barges. The HYDROpro Office software option integrates seamlessly with the HYDROpro Construction software. With it, you can graphically filter and edit depth and tide data. Then export the data to either our optional Terramodel® or your preferred processing software. The Terramodel® Windows processing software handles large data sets quickly for volumes and 3D visualizations.

  • real-time monitoring and data acquisition
  • for all phases of the marine-based construction cycle (survey and construction)
  • support GPS, Total Stations, and multiple sensors


The Trimble® SPS351 DGPS/Beacon Receiver is a high-value answer to the many demands of marine construction. Combined with Trimble HYDROproTM software, it provides flexibility and sub-meter precision for a wide range of marine construction applications, including:

  • Dredging
  • Positioning (tugs / anchors)
  • Navigation
  • Rock and material placement
  • Bathymetric survey


The Trimble SPS351 receiver uses RTCM DGPS corrections either broadcast free by IALA Beacon stations, from SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation Systems) or via an external radio or Internet connection from a DGPS reference station.


The robust construction and modularity of the Trimble SPS351 receiver delivers installation flexibility via external GPS antenna options, as required on marine vessel installations. The receiver can be mounted in a secure environment protected from the weather and theft, leaving only the antenna outside. Trimble EVERESTTM technology improves results in high multi-path environments such as those encountered on construction vessels and port construction sites.


The Trimble® SPS361 and SPS461 GPS Heading and Positioning Receivers are modular, dual-antenna systems for marine construction and hydrographic survey. They partner with Trimble HYDROpro software to provide the tools for precise placement of piles, bridges, caissons, offshore drilling rigs and coastal defenses.; providing the user with dredge head positioning; vessel positioning, vessel heading, and pitch or roll. The Trimble SPS361 supports MSK Beacon and OmniSTAR VBS corrections. The SPS461 includes all the features of the SPS361 plus its available with internal 450 or 900MHz radios and is upgradable to varying levels of positioning, including precision RTK. Both the SPS361 and SPS461 provide Precise GPS Heading.

The Trimble SPS361/461 GPS Heading Receivers offer:

  • Rapid deployment, easy integration
  • High-precision, dual-frequency GPS heading with fast initialization
  • Data to easily determine the position of other sensors on a vessel (in partnership with HYDROpro)
  • Support for a range of correction services to provide the position accuracy you need

As one-receiver systems the Trimble SPS361/461 are cost-effective, plus ideal for either permanent or temporary installation. Both receivers employ dual-frequency antennas for enhanced performance over single-frequency antenna solutions—Trimble offers a range of antennas to suit each marine customer's application needs.

The Trimble® SPS361/SPS461 is supported by HYDROpro marine construction software (download equipment handler file) or can be easily integrated into any OEM solution via standard NMEA data output.

To Learn more about the Trimble® SPS361 and SPS461 call our Sales Team on 02 6788 2155 or contact us.


The Trimble® SPS555H Modular Add-on GPS Receiver provides exact heading information for construction projects that require precise orientation of a structure, vehicle, or vessel.

The SPS555H can be paired with the Trimble SPS855 Modular GPS Receiver.

Features and Benefits:

  • Affordable, lower price point of entry for GPS Heading
  • No moving parts ensures service-free operation compared to a mechanical gyro compass
  • Continuous operation even when primary GPS is not receiving satellite corrections for reduced downtime and increased productivity
  • Can be paired with another Trimble SPS855 GPS receiver for added flexibility and reduced costs
  • Dual Site Positioning System GPS receiver mounting bracket, interconnecting cable and antenna included for a compact, rugged system


  • Dredging and marine piling
  • Oil rig positioning
  • Rock dumping for sub-sea pipeline construction
  • Harbor construction

SPS855 GNSS Modular Receiver

The Trimble® SPS855 GNSS Modular Receiver is simply the most advanced construction modular receiver on the market. Its position-only or position and heading capability set it apart from the competition. Its ease of configuration and use as a base or rover, and its choice of antennas make it truly universal - capable of any operation.

The SPS855 combines the radio and GPS receiver in a single housing. You can secure the majority of your investment inside a site trailer, vessel cabin, or carrying case, protected from the elements and/or theft, leaving only the antennas outside.

Available in a range of options to suit your individual applications, flexibility and performance requirements, versatile Trimble GNSS receivers are a future-proof investment. The SPS855 uses all currently available satellite signals including L1, L2 and the GPS modernized L2C code. It can be upgraded with GLONASS and L5 GPS signals to optimize performance in areas of tough GPS-only conditions and maximize your investment well into the future.

It is also part of a larger family of receivers that have the same user interface, the same accessories and the same workflows, allowing multi-unit fleets to be created with interchangeable components.