Trimble has worked with all leading machine manufacturers to reduce system installation time and effort of Trimble machine control technology onto the machine. Trimble Ready machines come pre-plumbed and with brackets for the Trimble components. Today, a number of machine manufacturers have Trimble Ready solutions for easy installation and cross-machine type and brand portability, allowing for a maximised utilisation of the technology across your fleet as well as maximising your return on the investment.

What are Trimble Ready Machines?

Trimble Ready machines are just that, they are ready for the installation of the Trimble Grade Control System of choice. All the hard work associated with the installation has been done by the equipment manufacturer. All you need to do is work with us your local SITECH dealer to order the Trimble Grade Control System that best fits your job requirements.

Trimble Ready machines significantly reduce the cost and complexity of the installation of a Trimble Grade Control System for you, the contractor. Additionally, it enhances the value of the machine at trade-in time. Base-level install components such as mounting brackets are installed prior to delivery. They are also configured for flexibility, so that any of the machine-relevant Trimble Grade Control System configurations can be added once the machine reaches the Trimble dealer or end customer. No additional welding, drilling or re-painting is required. Dealers or customers simply bolt on the primary components of the Trimble Grade Control System; once the final installation is complete, the system looks as if it has been factory installed.

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