Trimble Construction Technology Achieves Massive Productivity Gains at Western Sydney Airport

Western Sydney Airport, one of SITECH Solutions’ major projects, was featured on Channel Nine News, highlighting the Trimble construction technology that has been tracking every stage and achieving massive productivity gains throughout the transformation of the site.

Scheduled for completion by 2026, the Western Sydney Airport site is a hive of activity and has hit a huge milestone.

“We’ve moved 20 million cubic metres of earth,” says Simon Hickey, Chief Executive WSA, “on one of the largest earthmoving projects in Australia’s history.”

All of this with hardly a person on the ground.

The SITECH Solutions dedicated support team has helped to make this possible by working closely with WSA to implement the latest in Trimble construction technology solutions designed to enhance communication and workflow every step of the way.

Trimble Siteworks has been fitted to every vehicle on site allowing technology to track progress, handling complex files and 3D data sets quickly.

Trimble WorksManager ensures that every stakeholder is always connected and up to date with automatic data transferring to and from devices to and from the field.

Trimble Works OS, a new operating system technology platform, allows site managers to accurately monitor jobsite activity and real-time progress-to-plan, remotely, with information straight from the machine into a single dashboard to increase construction productivity.

In addition to this, Trimble technology means that the operators on the WSA site know exactly how much they have to move from where they are, to where it needs to be delivered.

Combined with satellite imagery, Trimble technology is able to capture new footage, showing the changing landscape of the 1,780 hectare site.

“Means that you can really geo track what that movement looks like over time,” says Hickey.

The Trimble Connected Site is revolutionising the construction industry by utilising technology to improve efficiency and productivity, while minimising waste and expense. With the potential to save time and cost at every stage, and virtually eliminate steps in the plan design, construct and operate process, the Trimble Connected Site improves the efficiency and stainability of construction projects, resulting in the earlier completion of a higher quality project at a lower cost.

Construction of the WSA terminal will start within the next few weeks and already the runway is starting to take shape.

Paul Fletcher, Urban Infrastructure Minister says, “It’s expected there will be around 28,000 jobs at the airport and indirect jobs.”

The Australian Government has already pumped $100 into the area, a figure set to increase as not just flights, but local businesses take off.

SITECH Solutions is very proud to be involved with such a historic project.