Correct-AI and SITECH Solutions Sign Exclusive Distribution Agreement for PROX-EYE Systems

Correct-AI has announced an agreement with SITECH Solutions to exclusively distribute and support its PROX-EYETM proximity awareness system across Australia and New Zealand.

Correct-AI combines HD Cameras and LiDAR sensors with Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to create its cost-effective PROX-EYETM system, revolutionising how industrial equipment manages collision warnings and terrain hazards on challenging worksites.

This unique combination of camera, LiDAR and AI provides equipment operators with intelligent warnings of potential interaction with humans or machines and imminent roll-overs in any environmental condition such as complete darkness, fog, dust or direct sunlight. The system also records any events for future evaluation.

The PROX-EYETM system increases workplace safety by contributing to an accident-free industrial worksite, leading to gains in efficiency and productivity through enhanced operator capacity.

“We are thrilled to have SITECH Solutions join us to offer our unique, state of the art safety systems to the construction industry and beyond,” said Siamak Akhlaghi, Correct-AI CEO.

“SITECH Solutions is a valuable distributor and partner for Correct-AI with extensive experience and expertise with high-tech industrial equipment.

“SITECH is a well-known provider of advanced technology solutions with a focus on increased safety and efficiency in the construction, logistics, energy, quarrying and mining industries.

“This agreement is a major step toward extending our reach in our mission to protect people and property on a global scale.”

The new agreement between the two companies will expand and diversify the markets to which the PROX-EYETMsystems will be distributed. In addition, customers will benefit from world-class local support and service from SITECH Solutions.

“The PROX-EYETM system is the most precise object detection technology available,” said Rob Walters, General Manager SITECH Solutions. “No other system offers the combination of camera, LiDAR and AI that form part of this reliable solution, making it the most advanced system on the market.”

“We are excited about this alliance and the potential to bring unprecedented improvements in safety, quality and productivity to our customers.”


Correct-AI is a Canadian company that develops Industrial Robotics and Artificial Intelligence technology designed to revolutionise the way that challenging industrial worksites are managed. The Correct-AI team utilises its extensive knowledge of computer vision, robotics, and artificial intelligence technology to create Proximity Detection Systems that lower the risk of equipment operation, prevent incidents, increase operator confidence, and collect and document data on equipment operation. The systems are designed to increase worker and workplace safety; reduce liability issues and costs; optimise machine operations and performance and decrease down time and increase profitability. For more information about Correct-AI visit:


SITECH Solutions is a world class construction technology provider and local Trimble Dealer in NSW & ACT. SITECH is the global Trimble brand name for dealerships who distribute site wide technology solutions to Heavy and Highway Construction, Landfill and Marine contractors. Established in 2009, the experienced construction professionals at SITECH Solutions provide customer sales, hire, installation, service, personalised training and technical support. The team at SITECH Solutions understand how to apply innovative construction technology to effectively solve some of the biggest challenges in the land and marine construction industry. For more information about SITECH Solutions, visit:


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